Photos from the build day 27/10/2022

Few photos from the partyplace at the beginning of The Build. Our Org crew is working hard (or hardly working?) and the partyplace now looks completely different compared to these early photos. But these are a good reference point where it all started. 3 screens. 3 PA systems. 100+ boxes of equipment. 200+ extension cords. Multiple 3×16 AMP electrical feeds. A LOT of tables (legs are burning already). And a TON of party spirit and smell of sweat. Not forgetting few pizzas and beverages as well.

Grendel is packed and ready to go. Let’s make some video magic!
Merry partybus folk
Live drawings by Daniel Stolle, inspired by the ZOOparty

Camera snaps from Mikron / Byterapers

We need more photos! Send them to us. Share them to zoopartyc64 at or send them via Discord (private message to mikronBee) You will be credited.

Photos from Vent / Extend (next time no .heic format plx)

Photos from Manu / Byterapers ^ Fit

Photos from Poro / Wide Load

More live drawn images from Danie Stolle, created here at the ZOOparty

More photos from Manu / Byterapers ^ Fit

Final day photos from ZOOparty teardown from Mikron & Zamdee / Zookeepers

Photos from Retoris

Photos from Sulevi of Virtual Dreams

Photos from awesome Gorbat Soft (<3 Codetsu, Hani, Hexhog, Jab, Moraff)

Got any more photos? Send them to us zoopartyc64 at gmail dot com.