Put your SID speedos on: to celebrate the release of FINNSIDS 2 we´ll of course have great SID live acts!


Experience the fusion of Finnish SID legends Tero (aka Deetsay) and Barracuda (/64MULA) who both have fought the dance floors live for ages. This exquisite co-op will fill your brains with experimental sounds.

8 BITS HIGH (Fri 10.30 PM)

Kings of nerd punk are celebrating their 20th anniversary at the Zoo Party. Show will feature some old classics, new favorites and special suprices. Dancing is allowed!

NEBAWANGANZA (Sat, through the day)

Let us introduce the official Space Bar houseband. Nebawanganza will play tracker / Looper-boosted live remakes of famous C64 game music pieces with a few separate sets through Saturday. The line-up consists of Arttu Raami on bass and I.A. Jääskelänen on electric cello.