Spoken programme

SAT 11:00 AM

C64 goes Metal (Warrior) – Rockin’ C64 game development and publishing in 2020s (Lasse Öörni from Covert Bitops interviewed by Grendel / Byterapers)

We chat with Cadaver aka Lasse Öörni, who is one of the finest C64 game developers active in Finland and globally. Öörni started making games for PC DOS in the 1990s but went on to concentrate mostly on the Commodore platform. We shall talk about game devvin, his Metal Warrior / Hessian / Steel Ranger / etc games and about his game devvin’ tricks. https://cadaver.github.io/


Undead – A C64 Game in Making (Miha Rinne interviewed by Grendel / Byterapers)

Undead was an ambitious Commodore 64 game developed by Miha Rinne and Pekka Kleimola in their teens during a period of 1990–92. In 2021 – almost thirty years later – Miha found his original design documents and shared a preview of the game in Youtube. The response was so overwhelming, that Miha and Pekka decided to give a second try. ZOO has a privilege to interview Miha on making of Undead – from perspective of three decades! https://undeaddevblog.wordpress.com/

SAT 1:00 PM

Life of a Cracker – Rockstar (The man himself interviewed by Flex / Artline Designs)

A Finnish cracker superstar from 1988-1995 who we know as Rockstar (Byterapers, Contex, Extasy, Genesis Project, Talent…) comes to talk about the past. Being interviewed by Flex, we will dive into a mind of a cracker and how things worked in those competitive times of cracking C64 games. There are lots of topics to discuss, so if you ever were interested in how this “game company counterforce” worked be sure to check it out.