The party place is Oriveden Kampus,located in the middle of Orivesi city. Oriveden Kampus is owned and run by Kulttuuriosuuskunta Pro Orivesi, which organizes its activities and rents out parts of its premises. There are about 9 000 square meters of space in different buildings altogether. There are accommodation possibilities and restaurant services on the premises. Zoo utilizes 3 of these building, so we have some room to grow for upcoming years. More info

The main party hall will be divided in 2 zones, both having their own screens and audio. One will be little less noisier behind the main screen, and in front the main screen there will be a stage, computer places and grandstand for 100+ party animals.

Inside the main party hall there will be also a Space Bar serving drinks (both alcohol and non-) and snacks and comfy Zoo Lounge with sofas.

Saturday flea market will also be held in the Zoo Lounge.

Party area map, notice the [P]arking spots. Main building is for dorms, breakfast & dinner.
Rough preliminary map for the party area

Main gates for the party hall, cafe and lounge.