Yes, it’s time to be bold and do it LIVE – a REAL thing like it used to be!

UPDATE 16/09/22: Prizes? We got some prizes and serious programme for ya! Check the new updated pages and admire the awesome party content. We have released (some of) our prize pool for Compos, live artists and spoken programme for the weekend, not forgetting the great exhibitions!

UPDATE 02/09/22: GOT JUNK? Stocking old gear just a bit too much? Let it all go – our 8-Bit Flea Market ATK-Market is back and open for business during ZOOparty Saturday afternoon. Check the flea market page for more info.

UPDATE 01/09/22: ZOOshop IS NOW OPEN – Go spend your bananas! Grab your ticket, accommodation and awesome merchandise at Our merch this year contains three rad tees, two shoulder bags and of course the new and long awaited FinnSids 2 LP/MC. All limited editions. Early bird catches the SID.

UPDATE 02/08/22: REGISTER IS NOW OPEN! Be an early ape and sign up for the upcoming party at Please note that previous registrations are wiped out because GDPR, so re-register is mandatory. ID helps there a lot though. See you at Assembly’22 this weekend!

UPDATE 02/06/22: Added Travel information how to get there and back again safely.

UPDATE 01/06/22: Added Location and Venue and updated Accomodation pages. Check photos and preliminary plans for the party area and see updated nfo for accomodation options. Hotel is 99% sold out.

UPDATE 11/05/22: Compos – rules tuned a bit for invididual competitions (one entry per author for Graphics, PETSCII and Music), for Wild (all 8-bit related entries allowed) and for Basic Effect (SYS allowed to standard ROM-codes). Read the full rules in here!

UPDATE 28/04/22: Compos -page is updated with all the familiar competitions & something completely different and new – the ZOO Kids competition and Game Making compo. Check the details from here!

UPDATE 27/04/22: We came out from the breadbin box and released a date! ZOO is set to 28th – 30th October 2022. We have also released first bits of accomodation info, go check it out.

ZOO – the biggest North European C64-only party is back on late October 2022.

Finland. Orivesi Campus, Koulutie 5, 35300 Orivesi. Near Tampere.

The traditional ZOO compos like Demo, Music, Graphics, PETSCII, Wild, Disk Cover, Basic Effect and Party Feature. Also supporting this year’s theme we will have “Make a Game” (basic/ML) compo and a brand new one: “ZOO Kids” – prepare your offspring! Remote entries are accepted for all categories. More info on compos coming soon.

If you somehow can’t make it there, don’t worry – we will stream it all. But keep in mind, nothing beats the authentic party feeling.

Yes. ZOO is already famous for its distinctive prizes.

Live acts?
Yes. Live music and guest stars with interesting content.

What now?
Check your social media and these pages every now and then for news to come.